Funny Filipino T Shirts

Is this a man? Tao ba ito?
Hindi pala tao lang: henyo!!!!!!

If you have the chance to visit the Philippines and one of its huge malls, you will stumble upon one of those stores that sell t shirts with all sorts of (more or less) funny logos and printings in Tagalog.

I saw one that mimicked the Heineken Beer logo that said “Hay naku! Ubos na ang beer” (oh my goodness, we have run out of beer).

Another one had something like the “Tag-heuer” logo and it replaced “Tag-heuer” with tag-hirap since birth” (“poverty since birth”).

And on and on it goes: you can find all kinds of logos, from “tangi kapogian lang ang minana ko mula sa tatay ko” (“beauty is the only thing I inherited from my father” to “Bahala-na Republic”.

I was given the one above that says “tao ba ‘to?”, meaning “is this a man?”.

And the answer on the back gives the answer: “henyo” or “genius”!…..

I actually wanted the one with “Hay naku! Ubos na ang beer” but they didn’t have my size, hay naku! Naku po(gi)!

If you visit the Philippines, and you know a little bit of Tagalog, buy yourself one of these funny t-shirts….

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