Italian Style “Lechon”

The Italian version of Filipino “lechon”
“La Selvotta” in Ariccia, just outside Rome
“La Selvotta”

Very close to Rome there is a hilly area known as Castelli Romani.

The area is characterized by hills covered with forests and there are two amazing lakes known as Lago di Albano and Lago di Nemi.

There are also pictoresque towns like Frascati, Albano, Ariccia etc.

The town of Ariccia is known for “porchetta”, a slow-roasted pig that is very similar to the Filipino lechon, except for the fact that the Roman version is much more spicy.

Yesterday we were at “La Selvotta” (the forest), an eatery situated in the middle of the woods where they serve the typical “porchetta di Ariccia”.

Many Filipinos whom I know love the place and I often go there with them although I prefer to stay away from baboy and meat in general as I am more into veggies and healthy eating.

The atmosphere is unique, the wine is great and the weather is always cool even when in Rome the temperature is extremely hot.

If you come to Rome try visiting the hilly area of Castelli Romani, you’ll fall in love with it!

Lago di Albano, in the area known as “Castelli Romani” situated just outside Rome

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