Massalubrense: the Town at the Edge of the Amalfi Coast

I live in Rome with my Filipino wife, but I was born in Southern Italy, in a place situated at the edge of the famous tourist spot known as the Amalfi Coast.

My birthplace is the village of Termini, in the municipality of Massalubrense, and Termini is the very last village of the peninsula, the one situated at the very edge of it, only 3 km away from Punta Campanella, the tip of the peninsula that separates the Bay of Naples (or the Sorrento Coast) from the Bay of Salerno (the Amalfi Coast) and faces the world famous Capri Island.

Why should you visit this area?

Because it’s the only sort of off-the-beaten-track spot in the entire region.

Beautiful though it may be, the area gets extremely crowded in summer, while the very tip of the peninsula is (relatively) still kind of unspoiled and, on top of that it’s a nature reserve.


Monte di San Costanzo

Monte di San Costanzo: the best vantage point in the area, right in front of it is Capri Island
A view of the Amalfi Coast from Monte di San Costanzo
Naples’ Bay and the islands of Ischia and Procida from Monte di San Costanzo

Punta Campanella

There are two ways to get to Punta Campanella: one is by walking down via Campanella from Termini, while a much more scenic one is hiking on a trail from Monte di San Costanzo

Capri Island from the trail that leads to Punta Campanella from Monte di San Costanzo
Ieranto Bay from the trail to Punta Campanella
Nearing Punta Campanella
The lighthouse and the medieval watchtower in Punta Campanella

There is no beach in Punta Campanella and the sea gets very deep almost immediately, so stay away from Punta Campanella if you can’t swim

Baia di Ieranto

Baia di Ieranto is the core of the natural reserve of Punta Campanella and both fishing and motor boats are strictly forbidden.

You can get to the Baia di Ieranto from Termini itself, by way of a trail that leads to the village of Nerano first and then leads to the bay, or you can take a bus to Nerano and take the trail directly from there (easier option).

Cala di Mitigliano

And, last but not least, another nice place to visit is the Cala di Mitigliano.

So, this is my village in a nutshell.

Please visit!

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