Filipino “Diskarte” Amid Coronavirus Crisis: Homemade Face Masks

Filipino people have a way with finding creative solutions to all kinds of problems.

This Filipino trait is known as diskarte.

A serious problem most people have at the moment here in Italy is how and where to find face masks to protect themselves from Covid 19.

I don’t have any problems in this regard because my wife comes from the land of diskarte so I have my personal collection of homemade face masks.

Face masks are almost impossible to find in this country at the moment but, a couple of weeks before the nation-wide lockdown was introduced, I already had my Filipino-made masks.

I am not quite sure about the actual effectiveness of these masks against the virus, but grocery stores won’t let me in without one, so these ones should do their job and grant me access to the nearest supermarket.

It’s getting tough here…..

New restrictions coming…