The Best Part of the Year to Visit the Philippines

The first time I visited the Philippines I almost completely messed up my vacation because it was in the month of June.

I spent almost 10 days at home unable to do anything or go anywhere because it was during the rainy season.

In June the weather is extremely humid in the Philippines and you will almost certainly experience a typhoon.

I experienced Bagyo Frank that killed a lot of people in Iloilo but it didn’t cause too much damage in San Ildefonso Bulacan, the former Hacienda Buenavista, a rather elevated place that, contrary to the neighboring province of Pampanga, is not too affected by baha.

However I spent several days at home some of which without electricity or internet.

I was able to go on a few trips to the Hundred Islands, Tagaytay, Manila and other places but most of the time it rained cats and dogs and I couldn’t do anything.

My second trip was ideal because it took place in December and in December the weather in the Philippines is just perfect: no bagyo, there is sunshine and it is not too hot, on the contrary early in the morning and in the evening it is medyo presko.

In Baguio City it was actually very cold and I was wearing short trousers and a T-shirt!

So if you choose to visit the Philippines avoid the rainy season and, if possible, do it in December or January when the sun shines and it is not too hot and humid.

Planning a Trip to the Philippines

San Ildefonso: ang “perlas” ng Silangan
Sa Kabukiran around San Ildefonso and part of the “Buenavista”

If you marry a Filipina you’ve got the opportunity to visit the “pearl of the Orient”, one of the most beautiful corners of the planet.

However, as I’ve already touched on, there is no guarantee that, by visiting the Philippines with your Filipino spouse, you will indeed have the chance to see pearl-like sceneries.

My wife comes from Barangay Pinaod which is part of the municipality of San Ildefonso, in the province of Bulacan and San Ildefonso is not that much of a “pearl”.

It probably used to be some kind of pearl because the Spaniards called it Hacienda Buenavista and for good reason because San Ildefonso is situated on a slightly elevated place that offers a 360-degree view of the Bataan Peninsula, Mount Arayat, the Sierra Madre Mountains and….the cloud of smog that covers Manila. However, nowadays San Ildefonso is not that much of a place and it is certainly not the kind of place that justifies spending 14 hours in a jumbo jet to get there. I come from a world-class tourist area in Southern Italy and surely I cannot settle for spending one month in San Ildefonso doing nothing but counting the calabau passing by.

The problem with many Filipinas is that, once they get to their home town, it is extremely difficult to convince them to travel around the country to satisfy the eagerness of their Western husbands to see the Perlas ng Silangan. Many Filipinas, once they go home just want to stay home.

So, my idea is that, unless your Filipino wife comes from a beautiful area that is already worth the trip to the Philippines, you’d better plan ahead to make the most of your vacation.

I think the best strategy is (once you land in Manila) not to leave the airport at all and immediately take another plane to go directly to a tourist spot like Coron, Palawan, Siargao etc and only after you have enjoyed a “proper” vacation you move to your wife’s village because chances are that once you get there you’ll stay there and you won’t be able to move your wife even if you try to lift her with a crane….