Real Winter Swimming vs Fake Winter Swimming

Yesterday I made a post where I said that I finally managed to swim outdoors 12 consecutive months.

I also clarified that this year winter has been particularly mild and so swimming in mid-winter has been relatively easy.

The thing is that today the weather is completely different than yesterday.

The temperature has dropped dramatically, it is cloudy and it is cold and very windy.

So, earlier today, I said to myself “it’s good that yesterday I decided to take advantage of the mild weather and hit the target of swimming outdoors 12 consecutive months, now the weather has changed and swimming in mid-winter is no longer possible”. But then I asked myself: “who said that it is not possible? Is there any law that prevents people from swimming in freaking cold water in freaking cold weather?”. I also thought that if I really want to claim that I can swim in winter I have to do it when the weather is freaking cold, not when winter is mild.

So here I am again at the lake and…. yes, I have taken the plunge despite the cold weather.Now I can really call myself a winter swimmer…..

Swimming 12 Months a Year

Yes, I have made it!

For the first time in my life I have managed to swim outdoors from March 2019 to February 2020, meaning 12 consecutive months without missing a month.

I did some winter swimming during my teen-age years and then I quit for many years.

I resumed this habit after my second trip to the Philippines where I experienced plenty of December-swimming (nothing special because the Philippines is a tropical country) and so, in order to keep my memories of December-swimming alive, I have started to kind of pretend that even here it’s always summer (like in the tropics).

I also started reading blogs and articles about the benefits of cold plunges and so I went for it.

Because since last year the company I work for has been sending me 3 days a week to a customer that we have in the town of Anguillara Sabazia, by lake Bracciano, I am taking advantage of this opportunity to take a plunge in the lake at least once a month, and I have been doing it for 12 consecutive months now starting last March 6th.

Earlier today I did my February-swimming that helped me hit the target of swimming outdoors 12 months without missing a single one.

To be 100% honest, I must admit that this year winter has been particularly mild here in Rome but, nevertheless, I have experienced what it is like to swim outdoors 12 consecutive months including mid-winter months.


Swimming in January: the Bright Side of Global Warming!

I used to think that swimming between early March and December qualifies as winter swimming.

Nothing could be further from the truth! There are people (including a fellow blogger from Ireland) who swim in Northern Europe in mid-January so why should I wait until March to cool down a little bit?

So here I am at Lake Bracciano near Rome, Italy, taking advantage of the mild weather that characterizes this unusual winter…

Anguillara Sabazia, Italy: January 21th 2020, 2pm!

Lago di Bracciano, Italy

Winter swimming is not only fun but (apparently) also beneficial.

According to a number of experts it is beneficial in a number of ways:

Since health, energy and vitality are the fuel of an amazing relationship why not try cold plunges to boost your immune system, your vitality and your overall happiness and well being?

The Beauty of Winter Swimming

Lake Bracciano, just outside Rome

This post has very little to do with the main topic of my blog but from time to time I like to talk about one of my favourite crazy things: swimming in cold water.

As I have already said before, I am a lover of winter swimming and, because I work close to a lake which is situated just outside Rome, I just cannot resist the temptation to jump into the water regardless of the season.

Today it’s November 22th and the temperature is around 10 Celsius degrees (not too cold but it’s very humid) but I couldn’t hold back from being the only human being swimming in this lake.

I have read a few articles about the benefits of taking a cold shower and swimming in cold water and it seems like cold water strengthens the immune system (or something like that).

I am not a physician and I can’t say anything about the scientific validity of these ideas but I can say that I have been swimming in winter for years and I never get sick.

I even take a cold shower each morning, even in mid-winter, and walk barefoot in the snow (it doesn’t snow often in Rome but we have plenty of snow-capped mountains around Rome) and I don’t get sick.

Swimming in winter is cool, you’ve gotta try it at least once….