Halo-halo Architecture in the Philippines

If someone blindfolded you and took you to the Philippines for the first time in your life and once there removed the blindfold from your eyes you would hardly understand where you are in the world.

If you found yourself in the middle of Intramuros or in Vigan (where no one eats meat because everyone is “vigan”…) you would think you are in Spain or Latin America.

If you found yourself in Makati or in a mega-mall you might assume that you are in America.If you found yourself sa kabukiran you might think you are in Vietnam or somewhere else on mainland Asia.

In my wife’s barangay some houses are American style, others are bahay kubo, some have no style. In parts of Batangas I’ve seen Italian style houses…

In the Philippines you can hardly see any distinctive architecture that clearly tells you where you are in the world.

The Philippines is a strange place: it is something between Latin America, Asia, Polinesia and U.S.A. and in parts of Baguio City you can see houses that are similar to those you can find in the Italian Alps!

Even the character of Filipinos is an interesting mixture: it has been said that Filipinos are Malay in family, Spanish in love, Chinese in Business and American in ambition.

This explains everything……