Bitten by a Freshwater Eel!

Recently I spent a long weekend in my parents’ village in Southern Italy.

The name of the village is Termini di Massalubrense, situated between Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

The village is situated on the top of a hill and there are several bays there that can only be reached on foot.

One of those is called Baia di Ieranto and it takes about 1,5 hours to get there on foot.

Baia di Ieranto

As I got close to the beach, I spotted a lot of people standing on an old pier, and there was no one in the water. How come?

I kept walking and, when I got to the pier, I jumped into the water without any hesitancy and…..guess what? Jellyfish! The water was infested with jellyfish. That’s how come….

It felt like being shot with a machine gun!

I had no choice but to hike back under the scorching sun.

That is why my recent swims have only taken place in the various lakes we have around Rome.

And the reason is because the lake is safer than the sea, right? There are no sharks, no barracudas and no jellyfish in the lake, so the lake is safer, right?


Few days ago, while I was basking in the waters of Lake Bracciano, about 10 km away from the outskirts of Rome, not far from where I work, something bit me.

Yes I got bitten in the lake!

What was it?

Because the place where the incident took place is called Anguillara Sabazia, and, because the town is named after the Anguilla, the Italian term for freshwater eels, I assume that the thing that bit me was a freshwater eel.

I guess that the only safe place is a swimming pool….or better yet my wife’s loving arms….

Lake Bracciano in Anguillara Sabazia