The “Alambre na Nakabitin” or the Wires Hanging Overhead: a Characteristic of the Philippine Landscape and what they Reveal about the Character of many Filipinos

Here in Italy, as well as in the rest of Europe, electrical cables are situated underground.

If you visit the Philippines you cannot help but notice spaghetti-like wires that they have in their electric/phone posts within the cities and towns. More so in the busy and main streets of each town.

Messy overhead cables sometimes situated slightly above one’s head are everywhere and they cause frequent blackouts, in fact I remember blackouts occurring at least once a week while in the Philippines, and I also remember being out of electricity for 3 days and not being able to recharge my phone.

Maybe the reason why they don’t do the underground wiring is that floods and typhoons occur several times a year in the Philippines but wires could at least be arranged in a more orderly fashion.

Hanging wires make it much easier for people to illegally tap into the public grid.

In much the same way as many Filipinos tap into the money of hard-working expatriate Filipinos or many expatriates, in Italy at least, know very well how to tap into social welfare and all kinds of government handouts available in my country, many Filipinos in the Philippines tap into somebody else’s electricity.

It seems that one of the characteristics of Filipinos is the tap into mindset, eternally relying on others for support.

Being married to a Filipina may entail being in the position of dealing with countless people who rely on you.

As I keep saying in my posts it is a matter of understanding who truly needs help, how extended is the extended family and the difference between needs and wants.